All Holt Online Learning products utilize a simple classroom manager to help you keep track of student scores and locate student essays for review and comment. When you log in to the system, you will see your personal Teacher Tools page, which you may use to create student accounts and to view grade reports and stored student essays. Point-of-use help is available for every aspect of using the classroom manager, but the guidelines below should help you get started.

First, create classes based on your teaching schedule. Then, add students to the classes. Each student will be assigned a unique username and password by our system. If your students are already registered for other Holt programs, they will use the same usernames and passwords for Holt Online Essay Scoring.

Next, direct students to log in at, entering their usernames and passwords. After logging in, students will see a customized Holt Online Learning page with links to the essay-scoring site and the student’s stored essays.

After your students have logged in and submitted essays, click on “View Student Essays” to see student scores and access stored student essays.

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