The Intelligent Essay Assessor™ evaluates each essay for the five analytic traits listed below.
  • Content and Development
  • Focus and Organization
  • Effective Sentences
  • Word Choice
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

For each trait, one of the following skill levels is reported to the student: advanced, competent, limited, or emerging.

As an example, here are the reports for the advanced level for each trait.

Content and Development


    • uses mostly meaningful and thoughtful ideas
    elaborates and supports most ideas with specific details, reasons, explanations, and/or examples

Focus and Organization


    • consistently addresses the prompt • shows strong awareness of audience
    • displays a clear plan with a logical arrangement of ideas and effective use of transitions
    • demonstrates strong unity and completeness

Effective Sentences


    • forms sentences correctly; errors in sentence formation are rare and minor
    • demonstrates exceptional sentence quality by avoiding awkward sentences

    • displays considerable variety in sentence types, lengths, structures, and beginnings

    • displays considerable fluency

Word Choice


    • uses words that are especially appropriate to audience and purpose
    • uses many words that are precise and accurate; may be vivid and imaginative

    • may use figurative language and imagery skillfully

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics


    • demonstrates consistent command of language conventions
    • exhibits consistent command of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

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